Health Benefits of Raw Rice

Rice is a grain that is cooked or made into food. Rice has been around since ancient times when it was discovered by the Chinese. The people of the Chinese would use the white rice as a staple for their daily meals. Later, the Western world started loving the sweet and nutritious rice and soon after, the cultivation of rice began to be done on a large scale in China. Rice is an important staple diet of countries like India, Pakistan and China.

Red Rice – The original and still the most popular rice variety. In India, this variety is called the rock salt. It has the same health benefits as the white rice and can be eaten both with or without any type of seasoning. However, since it lacks the valuable components of the white rice, its health benefits are less pronounced.

Rice Flour – White and brown rice flour are commonly used in various cooking recipes. It is the first type of flour that is used in creating delectable meals. It is commonly used in chilis, Indian curries and a variety of Asian and European deserts. However, it has less vitamins and minerals than the other two common types of rice flour. It is also less nutritious than rock salt. Thus, it is less commonly used.

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