Health Benefits of Raw Honey Vs Sugar

Honey is an all-natural sweetening agent. If you are interested in attempting raw honey therapy, purchase it directly from a reputable local supplier.

Raw honey is a good choice for providing nutrients to your child. However, there are certain types of honey that have a number of antibacterial qualities. The antibacterial qualities of honey are actually derived from the bacteria that it contains. Raw honey has a significantly higher antibacterial concentration than that found in processed or bottled honey.

One of the antibacterial properties of honey is called antimicrobial activity. Honey is a powerful natural antibiotic. Raw honey is frequently used in the treatment of burns, acne, cold sores, ear infections, urinary tract infection, digestive tract infection, diaper rash, athlete’s foot, herpes, shingles, and sinusitis. In fact, it is even being studied to possibly become a viable treatment for more serious and commonplace illnesses like anthrax.

You may be surprised to learn that some of the bacteria that cause infections in humans can also be found in honey. Some researchers are currently trying to grow strains of bacteria that can act as antibiotics. If these strains are successful, they will be available for use as medicinal treatments for humans. Currently, however, there is no medicinal use for these bacteria or for honey itself.

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