Tamanu herbal soap

Tamanu oil is prepared by pressing the nuts of either Calophyllum inophyllum (usually) or Calophyllum tacamahaca (ati), these are the tropical trees belonging to the Caryophyllaceae family. It is native to Indian origin.

Is tamanu herbal soap good for your face?

Tamanu helps in building collagen and other components of your skin.

Along with its wound healing properties, it also helps reduce scars. Tamanu oil is often used for sunburns and minor burns.

Tamanu is a sustainable oil since there is no negative impact on the trees. The nuts are collected by hand after they naturally fall from the trees.

While this natural processing yields only a few drops of oil per nut, the oil retains all the incredible nutrients of the tamanu.

Its benefits include:

1)It has great healing properties for the skin.

It is used to treat Surgical scars, Minor burns, sunburn, and radiation burns 

It reduces irritation of Insect bites, Eczema, and other inflammatory skin conditions.

It can also be used to treat cuts, scrapes, and abrasions

2)It helps to nourish the dry skin

It is one of the best moisturizing products. Tamanu oil can penetrate the three layers of skin, you are receiving hydration on a much deeper level, rather than coating the outermost layer of skin. 

3)It also aids to reduce acne from skin

Excess bacteria in clogged pores create an environment that leads to more acne breakouts. Tamanu oil contains a naturally high amount of calophyllic acid and calophyllolides and functions as antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agents. The antimicrobial properties help combat bacteria that cause acne and the anti-inflammatory properties help relieve irritation.

Is it good for aging skin?

Yes, while nothing can stop the natural process of skin aging, Tamanu oil helps stimulate new tissue growth it may also help restore lipids and natural collagen in the skin. These properties can improve skin elasticity to help improve fine lines and wrinkles.

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