Kokum jeera & its benefits:

Garcinia Indica is known as Kokum in India and is better known as ‘Amsul’ or ‘Aagal’ in some parts of India. It is a small deep purple to black color sticky fruit. It has curly edges and the external cover of the fruit is sundried and used as a spice.

Kokum jeera is a summer fruit and kokum sherbet is one of the best drinks you can have during hot summer to prevent dehydration and chances of a heat stroke. This is because one of the key health benefits of kokum is its ability to cool down your system.

It also has anti-inflammatory properties. Inflammation in the body can trigger obesity in many people thus aiding in weight loss.


In Ayurveda, kokum is used for the treatment of cracked heels. It helps in reducing rheumatoid pain. The benefits also include dealing with bowel problems, ear infections, sores, menstruation delays, intestinal parasites, and inflammatory issues.

  Some of the most common Health benefits of kokum jeera :

1. It is Antifungal and a good antioxidant.

2. It has lots of nutrients

3. It is good for digestion

4. It also has anti-aging properties

5. It is  anti-inflammatory

6. It helps in the control of cholesterol and aids in weight loss

7. It has highly Cooling properties


During summer one of the most common drink with kokum jeers is to prepare kokum jeera sherbet/juice or kokum jeera soda. Let us look at the method to prepare it.


  1. to 2 tbsp of kokum jeera extract.

2)Mint leaves – 2 to 3

3)A pinch of salt

4)Soda- half a glass.

Method :

1)Take 1-2 tbsp of Rawgranules kokum jeera extract and add some amount of water to it.

2)Now add a teaspoon of chaat masala to it.

3)Next add a pinch of salt, some fresh mint leaves.

4) Next add half a glass of soda (you can also add some water if you want it diluted)and it’s ready to drink after lunch or after dinner as a digestive drink

So what’s your next plan?

With all the goodies that this kokum jeera aids in, it is better to not waste any time and order it quickly.

We assure you to deliver it to your doorstep once you’ve taken the first step. Until then enjoy reading our other informational blogs.

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