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filter coffee powder

Ah, coffee…! (filter coffee powder) Whether you’re cradling a travel mug on your way to work or dashing out after spin class to refuel with a skinny latte, it’s hard to imagine a day without it. The caffeine perks you up, and there’s something incredibly soothing about sipping a steaming cup of joy.

But is drinking coffee good for you?

Here you get to read some of the benefits of consuming Filter Coffee …

• Contains fibre and helps promote gut health
Filter coffee has health benefits primarily due to its chicory content. Chicory root contains a high amount of insulin, which is a type of insoluble fibre. Therefore, the small intestine cannot digest it and it successfully passes through the digestive system. In this process, it feeds beneficial gut bacteria, promoting a cascade of essential health benefits.
Gut bacteria help reduce inflammation, dramatically improve immune system function, and also add anti-cancer properties. Besides, it also helps in the absorption of minerals. Besides, it also reduces constipation and improves bowel movement.
• Filtered coffee is good for the heart.
Studies show that drinking filter coffee is healthier for your heart than drinking coffee made using other methods. The reason for this is that unfiltered coffee contains certain substances which can raise blood cholesterol and which are eliminated when coffee is drunk in its filtered form.
• helps maintain a stable diet
Chicory, one of the most important ingredients in South Indian filter coffee, is also rich in oligofructose in addition to insulin fibre. A key function is that it helps regulate amino acid synthesis, which has been shown to be associated with feelings of fullness.
These natural contents also help fight hunger and cravings, which helps with weight loss by reducing the urge to overeat.
• Filtered coffee can help digestion after a meal.
It contains fibre which aids the digestion process, so having a cup of freshly filtered coffee after a meal helps with digestion and overall gut health. The chicory present in the mix is also an important factor in improving digestive health.
• Rich in antioxidants
Another essential aspect of chicory extract is that it is rich in natural antioxidants. So, what is it exactly? Antioxidants slow or prevent cell damage caused by inflammation due to free radicals.
Therefore, since chicory helps reduce free radicals in the body, it could help reduce the risk of developing cancer, heart disease, arthritis, stroke, and other inflammatory conditions

• Helps regulate blood sugar
Another long-term benefit of filter coffee is that it contains blood sugar levelling compounds. Chicory root extract potentially delays the onset of diabetes.
In fact, according to research, each cup of coffee consumed was associated with an average 7% lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Additionally, chlorogenic acid, one of the main antioxidants found in coffee, plays a role in reducing glucose uptake, thereby regulating blood sugar spikes.

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