Amla health drink – no added sugar

Phyllanthus Emblica is a tree familiar with tropical regions of Southeast Asia. This tree produces a fruit known as Indian Gooseberry or most commonly known as Amla.

Drinking amla juice daily is good for stimulating hair growth.

Regular intake strengthens immunity, helps in smooth silky hair, and adds volume to the hair, besides clearing dandruff.

It is known for its healing properties. This way, we have seen the use of amla in traditional ayurvedic medical practices.

During this ongoing pandemic when experts are stressing boosting immunity, we are talking about amla more than ever before. 

Growing an amla tree from seed takes almost five years to bear fruits. Fruits are hard, glossy, of dull green color, and appear from January to March in the tropical regions.

It is a powerhouse of benefits. It gives your health a boost to clear up acne and can be consumed in a variety of different ways.

It is a known fact that amla is an amazing antioxidant and has eight times more vitamin C than an orange and around 17 times more antioxidant power than a pomegranate.

Different ways in which you can consume amla in your daily diet:

  • Amla pickle
  • Amla candy
  • Amla juice
  • Sundried amla

Amla health drink extract & its benefits –

1)   It boosts the immune system 

2)  It gives protection against liver damage 

3)   It helps control blood sugar

4)  It promotes gut and heart health

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